Upon return to school from any absence, the student shall be required to provide a written note within three school days from a parent or legal guardian.  If a note is not provided, the absence shall be recorded as unexcused. 

Absences due to illness in excess of five consecutive days must be verified by a physician (doctor notes may be attached to the parent’s explanation).

The dated note must list the child’s full name and student ID number, the dates of absence, an explanation of why the child was absent from school, and the parent/guardian’s signature


Lawful Reasons for Absence

State Board Bylaw (COMAR) provides that students enrolled in public schools are considered lawfully absent from school for all or any portion of the day, only under the following conditions:

  • death in the immediate family (the local school system shall determine
    what relationships constitute the immediate family)
  • illness of the student
  • court summons
  • hazardous weather conditions which would endanger the health or safety of the student while in transit to and from the school
  • work approved or sponsored by a school, the local school system, or the State Department of Education and accepted by the principal
  • observance of a religious holiday
  • state emergency
  • suspension
  • lack of authorized transportation — this shall not include students denied authorized transportation for disciplinary reasons
  • other emergency or set of circumstances which, in the judgment of the school principal constitutes a good and sufficient cause for
    absence from school**

A student with lawful absences shall be allowed a reasonable number of days, at least equivalent to the number of days absent, to make up work.  Consideration for the reason for absence shall be given when determining the numbers of days granted to complete the makeup work.

A student with lawful absences near or at the end of a grading period will receive the grade earned at the time grades are due and be allowed a reasonable number of days, at least equivalent to the number of days absent, to make up work.

Students with unlawful absences may request missed assignments but may not receive credit for this work.

**Extended and preplanned absences (such as for medical procedures, family emergencies, etc) require permission from the school principal.  Please contact the Attendance Office for information and submit the following form:

Request for Advanced Notification of Absence Form

(Pre-planned/Extended Absences)


Early Dismissal Requests

Early dismissal requests should be reserved for important matters that cannot be accomplished outside of regular school hours.  The student MUST present a note from the parent/guardian to the Attendance Office BEFORE FIRST PERIOD begins on the day an early dismissal is needed.

Parent/Guardian requests for early dismissal must include the following:

  • Date/Time of Dismissal
  • Student’s FULL Name and Student ID Number
  • Time of Early Dismissal
  • Reason for Early Dismissal
  • Parent/Guardian Signature
  • Daytime Phone Number for Verification Phone Call

It is important to include a phone number where the parent/guardian can be reached the morning of the day when an early dismissal is needed.  The Attendance Secretary will call to confirm the request prior to issuing an early dismissal pass to the student.

– All students leaving early MUST SIGN OUT at the Attendance Office before leaving the building.  Failure to report departure may result in disciplinary action.


Parents are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to call ahead when a student needs to be picked up for an unplanned early dismissal. Parents MUST report to the Attendance Office to sign out their child.  Upon parent arrival, the student will called from the classroom.  Please allow extra time if picking up a student during NEST or while in PE – it may take longer for the student to be located (and to change clothes from PE).  

NOTE: Classroom Interruptions Are NOT Permitted During Testing


Tardy Policy

The school day for all students begins promptly at 7:30am.

Students who arrive between 7:30am and 7:45am will report directly to class.  Teachers will mark students as tardy and record the arrival time.  Students who come late to school with a parent to sign them in, or a note, MUST report directly to the Attendance Office.

Any student who arrives AFTER 7:45am MUST REPORT TO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE for a pass to class. 

If the student presents a note which describes a lawful reason for the late arrival, the tardy will be marked as excused.  Notes must include: student name, student ID number, date, reason for late arrival, and parent/guardian signature.


ParentCONNECTxp (PCxp) is an easy-to-use tool for communicating student progress that will allow you to take an even more active role in your child’s education. Parents and guardians of grades 1-12 students can log onto the secure ParentConnectxp website to view their child’s grades and attendance and request notification to be sent electronically when a class or assignment is missed.

Truancy – a child who is unlawfully absent from school for:

  • eight days in a quarter
  • fifteen days in any semester
  • twenty days in a school year


For more information regarding attendance, please see the AACPS Parent Handbook which was provided to your child at the start of the school year.

Anne Arundel County Board of Education Policy regarding Absences

For questions regarding your child’s attendance, contact the SRHS Attendance Secretary, Ms Caren Price or call 410-956-5600, ext 269.

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