Special Education Services

Special Education Department Staff

IEP / 504 Meeting Facilitator: Ms Anna Rubino arubino@aacps.org

Department Chair: Ms Kristel Klessinger kklessinger@aacps.org

School Psychologist: Ms Alexandra Meyer ameyer@aacps.org


Transition Services

Transition Facilitator: Kristina Cooley kcooley@aacps.org

Transition Services are offered to students who are currently receiving special education services. Our office provides:

  • Transition support to families to help students move from high school to post-secondary activities, including college, tech/trade schools and employment
  • Career and transition inventories
  • Assistance to students with the exploration of employment options and other opportunities
  • Work-Based experiences
  • A link to community agencies and other programs
  • Serves as a clearinghouse for information and resources to increase student success after high school


Home/School Connection

The Division of Special Education recognizes the importance of the home/school connection. To facilitate the partnership with parents/guardians in the educational journeys of excellence for students with disabilities, AACPS is proud to announce the development of a

Special Education Parent eHandbook

This resource reinforces our value of the role of parents in the teaching and learning process in our county. Access to the eHandbook can be found on the AACPS website or by following the link shown below:

Parent eHandbook for Special Education


Additional Resources for Parents

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