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If you need to get in touch with a teacher or staff member regarding your child, please feel free to send them an e-mail.  Many of our teachers and staff find electronic communication to be a much easier way to correspond with parents.  Below is a list of e-mail addresses for all teachers and staff:


Jacquelyn Abend  jabend@aacps.org

Pam Andrews pandrews@aacps.org

Tracy Arnold  tarnold@aacps.org

Miriam Asayag  masayag@aacps.org

Nancy J. Baker (Art Dept)  nbaker@aacps.org

Wesley Baker  wbaker@aacps.org

Michael Bartek  mbartek@aacps.org

June Beard  jnbeard@aacps.org

George Beaumont  gbeaumont@aacps.org

Diane Bennett  dbennett@aacc.edu

Chad Bickel  cbickel@aacps.org

Ramona Bigelow  rbigelow@aacps.org

Stacey Billingsley  sbillingsley@aacps.org

Brad Brainer  bbrainer@aacps.org

Alicia Briles  abriles@aacps.org

Sandra Brooks  smbrooks1@aacps.org

Kim Brookshire  kbrookshire@aacps.org

Ryan Bucklad  rbucklad@aacps.org

Kathryn Bury  kbury@aacps.org

Amy Calabrese  amcalabrese@aacps.org

Colin Campbell  cacampbell@aacps.org

Brian Camper  bcamper@aacps.org

Kristin Canevazzi  kcanevazzi@aacps.org

Yolanda Cannon  ycannon@aacps.org

Donna Cardano  dcardano@aacps.org

Joshua Carroll  jacarroll@aacps.org

Joshua Cartwright  jcartwright@aacps.org

Hillary Catan  hcatan@aacps.org  

Gerald Cavanaugh  gcavanaugh@aacps.org

Theresa Chaffer  tchaffer@aacps.org

Kim Champagne  kchampagne@aacps.org

Meijiao Sara Chen  mchen@aacps.org

Jennifer Clark  jlclark3@aacps.org

Jill Cleveland  jmcleveland@aacps.org

Zachary Cohen  zcohen@aacps.org

Kathleen Collins  kmcollins1@aacps.org

Kristina Cooley  kcooley@aacps.org

Kim Couslin   kcouslin@aacps.org

Kimberly Cox  kkcox@aacps.org

Iris Crankfield  icrankfield@aacps.org

Robert Croyle rcroyle@aacps.org

Adam DeMay  ademay@aacps.org

Ed Dolch  edolch@aacps.org

Amy Donnelly  adonnelly@aacps.org

Kimberly Dove  kjdove@aacps.org

Sarah Downey sadowney@aacps.org

Nancy Drury  ndrury@aacps.org

Carlo Echiverri  cechiverri@aacps.org

Shannon Ellis  sellis@aacps.org

Steven Erxleben  serxleben@aacps.org

Brenda Eutsler  beutsler@aacps.org

Kelly Falloni  kfalloni@aacps.org

Mattie Fenton  mefenton@aacps.org

Bill Fidyk  wfidyk@aacps.org

Ingrid Fischer (Math Dept)  ifischer@aacps.org

Sandra Fisher (Science Dept)  slfisher@aacps.org

Leigh Fleckenstein  lfleckenstein@aacps.org

Nick Forman  nforman@aacps.org

Kayli Fratino  kfratino@aacps.org

Michael Frymark  mfrymark@aacps.org

Robert Garman  rgarman@aacps.org

Joe Germershausen  jgermershausen@aacps.org

Susan Good  sgood@aacps.org

Iain Goodwin  igoodwin@aacps.org

Alison Grava  agrava@aacps.org

Travis Guthrie  tguthrie@aacps.org

Lynne Haberstroh  lhaberstroh@aacps.org

Tara Hammond  thammond@aacps.org

Krista Hankins  khankins@aacps.org

Yvonne Haynes  mhaynes@aacps.org

Melanie Herget-Siira  mherget-siira@aacps.org

Michael Hicks  mrhicks@aacps.org

Mary Jentilet  mjentilet@aacps.org

Cherie Jockel  cjockel@aacps.org

Tara Johnson  tjohnson@aacps.org

Ashley Kane  amkane2@aacps.org

Heather Karbonski  hkarbonski@aacps.org

Melissa King  making1@aacps.org

Claudia Kirkup  ckirkup@aacps.org

Lenore Kleier  lkleier@aacps.org

John Klessinger (PE Dept)  jklessinger@aacps.org

Kristel Klessinger  kklessinger@aacps.org

Dave Klingel  dklingel@aacps.org

Michael Kochanski  mkochanski@aacps.org

Mary Kokosko  mkokosko@aacps.org

Laura Krueger  lkrueger@aacps.org

Shaila Kulkarni skulkarni@aacps.org

Linda Lamon  llamon@aacps.org

Mydona Lee  mdlee@aacps.org

Jennifer Leffel  jleffel@aacps.org

Daniel Lipson  dlipson@aacps.org   Quick Link Mr Lipson’s classpage

Megan Lister  mlister@aacps.org

Sharon Littig  slittig@aacps.org

Marie Livingston  mlivingston@aacps.org

Christine Lloyd (WCL Dept)  clloyd@aacps.org

Zachary Lloyd (AVID)  zlloyd@aacps.org

Aaron Madsen  amadsen@aacps.org

Fran Magiera  fmagiera@aacps.org

Janelle Magnus  jhmagnus@aacps.org

Meredith Martin  msmartin@aacps.org

Kevin McCoy  kmccoy1@aacps.org

Karen McDonough  kmcdonough@aacps.org

Meredith McMahan  mmcmahan@aacps.org

Brandon Meredith  bmeredith@aacps.org

Peggi Michaels  mmichaels@aacps.org

William Miciche  wmiciche@aacps.org

Kimberly Milligan  kmilligan@aacps.org

Mark Moylan  mmoylan@aacps.org

Karen Murphy  kmurphy2@aacps.org

Albertina Newton  abnewton@aacps.org

Eleanor Nulud  enulud@aacps.org

Melissa Page  mpage@aacps.org

Heather Peckman  hpeckman@aacps.org

Shannon Pedersen  spedersen@aacps.org

Paula Perry  pcperry@aacps.org

Edie Picken  epicken@aacps.org

Patricia Piluk ppiluk@aacps.org

Tim Poole  tpoole@aacps.org

Caron Price  cprice@aacps.org

Vickie Rankin  vrankin@aacps.org

Robert Rice  brice@aacps.org

Amy Richard  arichard@aacps.org

Shannon Riley sriley@aacps.org

Terry Roberts  troberts@aacps.org

Angela Robinson  amrobinson@aacps.org

Emily Rospigliosi  erospigliosi@aacps.org

Anna Rubino  arubino@aacps.org

Shelly Sageng  ssageng@aacps.org

Karen Scates  kscates@aacps.org

Mark Schrader (STEM)  mpschrader@aacps.org

Matthew Schrader (Science Dept)  mkschrader@aacps.org

Jen Sears  jfsears@aacps.org

Mary Seidel  mseidel@aacps.org

Terrie Simmons  tlsimmons@aacps.org

Michelle Skinner  mskinner@aacps.org

Brian Smith (Science Dept)  bbsmith@aacps.org

Kandice Smithn (Counseling Office)  krsmith2@aacps.org

Melissa Smith (Math Dept)  mrsmith2@aacps.org

Melvin Smith (Science Dept)  mjsmith1@aacps.org

Gail Snyder  gsnyder@aacps.org

Kelly Stutzman  kstutzman@aacps.org

Sara Thomas  sgthomas@aacps.org

Michael Toepper  mtoepper@aacps.org

Robert Tompkins  rtompkins@aacps.org

Julie Troxler  jtroxler@aacps.org

Terry Tucker  ttucker@aacps.org

Michael Turlik  mturlik@aacps.org

Jeffrey Vincent  jvincent@aacps.org

Michelle Vukmanic  mvukmanic@aacps.org

Jennifer Ward  jaward2@aacps.org

Ellen Wasserman  ewasserman@aacps.org

Kevin Watkins  kwatkins@aacps.org

Jessica White  jcwhite2@aacps.org

Sean White  sfwhite@aacps.org

Melissa Williams  mrwilliams1@AACPS.org

Tim Williams  tdwilliams@aacps.org

Wilseydee Walter  wwalter@aacps.org

Yehmin Yu  yyu@aacps.org

John Zelezen  jzelezen@aacps.org

Tammy Zimmerman  tzimmerman@aacps.org

Mike Zivic mzivic@aacps.org

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