What’s On That Transcript?

What’s on that transcript you just sent to your college or scholarship committee? All the classes you have earned high school credit for (with the semester grades for each), and if you haven’t completed the school year yet, a list of the courses you are currently enrolled in.  There is also information on whether you have met additional graduation requirements for service learning and high school assessments.

Here is a sample of what your final transcript might look like: transcript sample


In addition to your courses and grades, colleges and scholarship committees will also be looking for the following (see the numbered annotations shown above):

  • 1 – Class Year and/or Date of Graduation (graduation date shows only after you have received a diploma)
  • 2 – Weighted and Unweighted Grade Point Averages (GPA), weighted class rank and the date the class rank was last calculated
  • 3 – Signature of a School Representative, which makes the document official

The transcript also shows:

  • 4 – Academic Course Codes – which affects how a course is weighted when the grades were calculated.  AP weighting is one full point higher for A, B or C grades.  Honors weighting is one-half point higher for A, B, or C grades.
  • 5 – Credit Totals appear for each school year and are used to determine completion of AACPS graduation requirements
  • 6 – the last two numbers in the Course ID identify which semester a class was taken.  In the marked example, in the course ID number X45012, the “1” indicates a first semester course, and in X45022, the first “2” indicates a second semester course.

What you won’t see:

  • Marking Period Grades – transcripts only record semester grades, so if you need to report grades at any time during a semester, you must use your Report Card.
  • Honor Roll and Eligibility – the GPA used to determine Honor Roll and Eligibility status appears ONLY on the Report Card
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Other Standardized Testing – AACPS schools do not have rights to distribute SAT or ACT scores.  If you need to send these to a college, you must order the reports on-line.  See our Testing page for more information.


Counselors review transcript data annually and provide an unofficial copy to students during meetings to select courses for the next school year.  Additional unofficial copies may be provided, upon request, by contacting the school Registrar, Ms Haberstroh at lhaberstroh@aacps.org.

Please remember that colleges and scholarship committees generally DO NOT accept unofficial (unsigned) copies.  You must request an official copy for these purposes.  Find out how HERE.

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