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World & Classical Language Department

of South River High


Mr. William Miciche – Department Chair & Spanish Teacher
Ms. Miriam Asayag – Spanish & French Teacher
Ms Pamela Balague – French Teacher
Ms. Alicia Briles – Spanish Teacher
Ms. Christine Lloyd – Spanish Teacher
Ms. Meredith McMahan – Spanish Teacher
Ms. Shannon Riley – Spanish Teacher
Ms Barbara Villarrubia – Spanish Teacher
Ms. Yehmin Yu – Chinese Teacher

The goals of the World and Classical Languages Program are:

  • To develop students’ language skills to enable them to communicate effectively in a language other than English.
  • To develop respect for other cultures.
  • To develop a clearer understanding of their own linguistic and cultural heritage.
  • To expose students to authentic resources to further develop and increase their ability to read, listen, speak, and write in the target language.

What the Teacher Will Do to Support the Student:

  • Create engaging and rigorous learning activities using authentic resources which help students build his/her understanding of Spanish language and culture.
  • Teachers will speak in the target language and encourage students to communicate using the target language.
  • Chunk assignments into manageable amounts and include time in class to debrief and review work.
  • Provide additional support for assignments and assessments, including reteaching so that students meet course standards.
  • Notify parents via email or phone at any point during the marking period if a student is in danger of failing or dropping 2 or more letter grades.

What the Student Will Do to be Successful:

  • Come to class with required supplies and ready to be an active participant in the learning process.
  • Complete all assignments as required.
  • Review and synthesize classroom notes, activities, and assignments frequently to help prepare for upcoming assessments and to internalize learning.
  • Take advantage of opportunities for additional help. Students should attend these sessions with specific questions so that the teacher can most effectively help the student.
  • Use appropriate websites and online authentic resources to reinforce language acquisition.
  • Students will demonstrate the effort to speak and otherwise use the target language.

What Parents Can Do to Support the Student:

  • Ensure that the student has supplies and that they complete homework and study for tests.
  • Encourage the student to seek additional help when it is needed.
  • Check Parent Connect regularly to monitor student grades.
  • Contact teacher with any questions about assignments, grade, or other issues in a timely manner.


AP Summer Assignments:

AP French Language Summer Assignment 2017

AP Spanish Language Summer Assignment 2017

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