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10 things to know about Señora Hogan’s Spanish classes

  1. I am 100% willing to work with you to help your son/daughter be successful in my class. Please sign up for Parent Connect to monitor your son/daughter’s grades.
  2. I am available for tutoring. The student simply has to request it and set up a time with me. Please encourage your son/daughter to seek me out, if necessary.
  3. Spanish III and IV are HONORS courses. The students are required to study and there will be homework assigned EVERY CLASS. For Spanish III, the homework will not usually take more than 15 minutes. Spanish IV’s assignments will be longer when they are required to read at home. I recommend that they do a little each night, so they are not overwhelmed.
  4. I post the homework on edmodo. The students can sign up to get text messages of their homework assignments.
  5. 90% of the class is conducted in Spanish. I am very open to questions. The students know they can ask if they do not understand something.
  6. Participation is very important. My goal is to help the students communicate in Spanish, not just read and write. We use a PESO system to measure participation. When your son/daughter participates, he/she is given a PESO whether what he/she share is correct or not. It is a concrete way for the students to gauge where they stand as far as participation goes.
  7. We do anywhere from 7-9 activities in any given class period. I incorporate various methods to cater to all learning styles. We do brain breaks when the students are required to sit for longer than their attention span allows. I go by the research that states that a student’s attention span is his/her age in minutes.
  8. Every two weeks, the students are required to respond to questions that are posted on They have one week to respond with 2-3 sentences. We set up the accounts together in class, so every student should have a log-on and password. I do not accept late posts. They are given plenty of time to respond. If a student does not have the internet at home, he/she may use the media center computers. This assignment will not take longer than 10 minutes. “Edmodo” is like Blackboard and Facebook combined and is used for educational purposes only. My goal is to prepare the students to participate in discussion boards when they go to college.
  9. When your son/daughter is absent, he/she is required to make up their work within the number of days he/she was absent. I write his/her names on the board if they miss a big assignment. His/her study buddy writes down everything he/she missed. He/She gets their make-up work from the make-up folders. The students are familiar with this system.
  10. I love teaching Spanish. It is my passion. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
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