New Regulations for SAT Test Participation

SAT-logoThe College Board, the agency responsible for administration of the SAT exams, has mandated the following changes that may affect any student expecting to take an SAT Reasoning or Subject test this year:

1. There will no more Stand-By Testing. All students who miss the last late registration deadline will be placed in a Wait-List Group. Wait-Listed students will be called to participate in examination in the order in which they registered (first come / first served) and ONLY if there are exam materials available.

2. Only students who have a ticket of admission issued by the College Board AND a photo ID (school ID, Maryland license, learners or ID card or DOD ID) will be admitted for testing. NO EXCEPTIONS. Starting with the March 2013 exam, photo ID cards will be scanned and attached to the admission ticket.

3. Changes in test, day or location will not be permitted on test day. Students must take the test at the location and on the date for which they have registered and must take the exam they selected at the time of registration (with one exception – students may choose to change the subject of a subject test, take more, or take fewer subject tests but only if originally registered to take a subject test and if materials are available.

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Updated: March 10, 2014 — 7:27 pm
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