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What is a “Signature Program”?

A Signature Program is a program at each Anne Arundel County high school that reflects the unique theme or “signature” of the high school.

A student who completes the Signature Program receives a special diploma upon graduation and is recognized as a graduate of the Program.  The Signature Program experience provides students with unique opportunities, career insights, and an advantage in college admissions and job applications.

The Signature Program incorporates community leaders and employers to create a real world relevant curriculum.  Signature Program students are prepared to excel in the 21Foto 8-18-15 8 59 27 PMst century workforce.

At South River High School, the Signature theme is “Global Communications and Public Affairs.”


What Is “Global Communications and Public Affairs”?


“Global Communications” globalkira

It is a globalized and interconnected world, and networking and communication is more necessary now than ever.

  • The Program teaches communication and networking skills by fostering interaction with professionals from varied fields through guest speakers and field trips.
  • The Program teaches an understanding of connections between groups and people around the world.
  • As an enabler of advanced communication, technology is embraced, taught, and practiced in class.

“Public Affairs”globalharris

In order to gain insight into the workings of global communities, students of the Program gain hands-on experience with problem-solving in their own community.

  • Key events are organized each year in which students in the Program are expected to take an active part.
  • Volunteer opportunities are offered through the Program.
  • Leadership is learned by organizing student-led committees with goals of serving the community through fundraising, volunteer work, or other creative methods.


How to Complete South River High School’s Signature Program:

To complete the Program and earn the “Global Communications and Public Affairs Signature Programdiploma, students are required to:

  1. Take two classes: “Global Communications and Public Affairs I” and “Global Communications and Public Affairs II”.
  2. Participate in 3 SRHS Signature Club / Co-curricular experiences.
  3. Take two credits of Signature-themed electives from the same Signature Pathway. Two Pathways are available: “Mass Media and Communications” and “Public Affairs”. Approved electives can be found at the “Resources” page.
  4. Complete 3 years of a World Classical Language class (Spanish, French, etc).
  5. Participate in an internship, work-study, or college class.


“Global Communications and Public Affairs” Core Classes:

The “GCPA” core classes are unique in that they are based on the development, completion, and execution of a year-long group project, the “Global Greatness Project.”

Students extensively research a pertinent global problem of their choice and become experts in their field.

Students create a ground-breaking solution to their issue, and research ways to implement their solution.

Students turn their thoughts and ambitions into actions and results: students use any resources available to them to implement their solution.



Foto 8-18-15 8 48 44 PMIn GCPA I, students make friends and investigate global problems, exploring connections between issues and possible solutions.  The students select an issue they are passionate about and form groups with students that share their passion.

Research is conducted, and culminates in the presentation of the Project to a panel of professionals at the end of the class.


GCPA II:Foto 8-18-15 9 06 39 PM

In GCPA II, the students work in the same groups assembled in GCPA I, and try to implement their Project’s solution.  Students do this by:

  • Writing to local political leaders and newspapers
  • Giving a video-taped speech
  • Creating a website

The possibilities are endless and students are encouraged to be creative.

Students are aided by their teacher to achieve their ambition.  Become part of the Global Communications and Public Affairs Signature Program at South River High School!

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