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The “Global Communications and Public Affairs” Signature Program brings many unique events and opportunities to its students at South River High School, including field trips, guest speakers, and mock interviews.

Below is a list and summary of the GCPA Program’s past events! Visit the Signature home page for more information on upcoming events.


Signature Field Trips:

England Trip 2016

Signature students had the opportunity to embark on an eight day journey throughout the United Kingdom. From Edinburgh to Bath, they explored the rich culture of numerous UK cities and had meaningful interactions with community members including educators, musicians, and political leaders. For more information about the students’ international experience, click the link below!

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Discovery Channel Field Trip

Signature Students have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Discovery Communications, a company which hosts many popular TV channels including TLC, ID, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel. Students learn about mass communication and the process of creating high-quality video content.  In this field trip, students can talk one-on-one with producers and public relations personnel about what goes into the success of such an extensive international company.


Signature students pose with “Sharky” from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Learn more about Discovery Communications: http:/corporate.discovery.com/


iJET Field Trip

Through a partnership with iJET, Signature Students have the opportunity to visit the corporate headquarters of iJET and interact with expert employees of iJET, an international company committed to Integrated Risk Management. iJET insures the safety of hundreds of companies and university groups abroad every year through high quality, up-to-the-minute intelligence and communication systems. Students learn about regions around the world and travel security.


Signature students learn about international security from iJET’s CEO.

Learn more about iJet: http://www.ijet.com/


SAIL Center at Anne Arundel Medical Center Field Trip

Thanks to the James and Sylvia Earl Simulation to Advance Innovation and Learning (SAIL) Center, Signature students have the opportunity to experience first-hand a simulated experience of an endoscopic medical procedure. Students may network with and talk to experienced surgeons about their experience in the medical field.


Signature Students observe an advanced human simulator at the SAIL Center.

Learn more about the SAIL Center: http://www.aahs.org/sail/


Signature Guest Speakers:

Dr. Jarol Manheim

Dr. Jarol Manheim is Professor Emeritus at the George Washington University, and one of the founders of GWU’s School of Media and Public Affairs, where he developed the first “Political Communication” degree in the nation. Dr. Manheim has experience in the public relations field and has written multiple books about communication and public influence strategies.

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Dr. Manheim introduces Signature students to strategic communication.


Vincent Perez

A world-renowned artist, Vincent Perez has worked as an illustrated for the US army and has illustrated anatomy text books, and teaches college-level anatomy. He is also known for his abstract fine art pieces. He teaches students about art and how to ‘make it’ in the fiercely competitive world of art.


An example of Perez’s work


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