England Trip

Global Communications and Public Affairs Signature Program Trip to England 2016

Welcome to the GCPA England Travel page, designed by GCPA students! This page is to share our England experiences with the Anne Arundel County community.

Our Itinerary

Day 1:

Students arrive at the airport and say goodbye to family and friends. The trip has begun!

Day 2:

The plane lands in London at the Heathrow Airport.

Students take the train from London to Oxford.

After a fun and interesting day in Oxford, students take the train to Kiplin Hall, where they unpack and settle in.

Historians at Kiplin Hall give them an informative tour of the estate! Students have dinner and discuss what they’ve learned that day before going to sleep.

Day 3:

The students wake up bright and early to head by train to York! There, they learn about intercultural communication and explore the historic wall surrounding York.

After another packed day, students return to Kiplin Hall for the night.

Day 4:

Today, the students and chaperones travel by car to Richmond, where they experience the Richmond Castle and Richmond Town Hall. Students see first hand how governance of Richmond has changed over the centuries.

The group drives back to Kiplin Hall for a good night’s rest before the next day’s adventures.

Day 5:

It’s the big day! The students wake up before sunrise to take the train to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Students take pictures and explore Edinburgh Castle and the surrounding museum exhibitions, from the royal jewels to the jail that held prisoners of war. There was so much to see and learn!

After Edinburgh Castle, some students and chaperones went on a “Ghost Tour” of Edinburgh, including venturing into the fascinating underground vaults! The vaults were created after centuries of urban growth replaced previous buildings and spaces, which were eventually walled up as vaults and forgotten.

Students also took pictures with a Scottish bagpipe player and enjoyed traditional Scottish haggis and oysters!

After a long and exciting day, students boarded the train to return to Kiplin Hall.

Day 6:

The group returns by train to York to visit York college and the Tang Hall SMART Program, a program that introduces troubled teens to musical expression as a way to positively change their lives. Students enjoy talking and making music with the SMART Program’s founder and teachers.

After an inspirational and musical day, the students return to Kiplin Hall and prepare to leave again the next morning.

Day 7:

The students pack their bags and head to Liverpool by train.

The group explores many exhibits at the Liverpool Museum and learn about the history of Britain’s second major city.

After the museum visit, the group takes the train to Bristol, where they stay in a hotel for the night.

Day 8:

The students wake and dress up for a meeting with the Bristol Member of Parliament, Karin Smyth!

Ms. Smyth meets the students at the Starbucks at the hotel to discuss current challenges that Bristol faces, UK politics, and the Brexit! The meeting is personable and students engage Ms. Smyth with informed and interesting questions.

After the meeting with Ms. Smyth, the students prepare to head to Bath.

In Bath, the students take an extensive guided tour of the city. The tour guide discusses historical, architectural, and modern themes of the city, and is receptive to students’ questions.

After the tour, students have a bit of free time to shop on Main Street before coming together for their last dinner in England.

Finally, students return to their hotel in Bristol.

Day 9:

It’s time to go! Students return to the Heathrow airport and head back home to their family and friends in the USA.

Our Insights

Click the link below to find out about the insights we discovered in England and how we connect them to the world around us!

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Photo Gallery

The England Trip Photo Gallery is coming soon!


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